Modular Kitchen Designs & it’s Types

What is modular kitchen design and it’s types [6 Amazing Kitchen Designs]

Are you planning for a modular kitchen? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Here is the guide for everything that you need to know before you plan for a modular kitchen.

What is a modular kitchen?  

Modular kitchen designs are a modern innovation to the traditional kitchen where every part is well-designed according to your requirements and home architecture.  Modular kitchen includes modules and cabinet for each kitchen essentials that make your kitchen a clutter free space. You can customize everything like cabinets and storage space to utilize your kitchen space. The best thing about a modular kitchen is it reduces the time and effort that you put in your kitchen to make it spick and span. The kitchen area is the most important section of a home and everybody wants their kitchen to look fancy, sleek, and well organized. This only can be done by installing a modular kitchen in your home.

Modular kitchens come in various layouts. Every modular kitchen designs has its specific benefits in terms of usage.  You can choose the modular kitchen types that can complement your home architecture. Though the modular kitchen is a bit steep, it will give you the best hygienic feeling while cooking for your near and dear ones.

Modular kitchen types  

Here are a few modular kitchen designs you can choose for your dream kitchen. However, you can mix and match the kitchen styles.

  1. Straight Modular Kitchen
  2. Parallel Modular Kitchen
  3. L-shaped Modular Kitchen
  4. U-shaped Modular Kitchen
  5. Peninsula Modular Kitchen
  6. Island Modular Kitchen

★ Straight Modular Kitchen

A straight modular kitchen is also called a single wall or single line kitchen. A straight kitchen would be a great choice for you if you have a small kitchen area. The straight kitchen is a simple yet adorable modular kitchen. These kitchens are integrated into a single wall and have a sink, Hub, countertop, and kitchen appliances in a single line itself. As this is a small area, it would be easy to maintain the kitchen area. However, you can turn it into an island kitchen if there is enough space.

Straight Kitchen

★ Parallel Modular Kitchen

A parallel modular kitchen has two parallel workspaces that one is attached to one wall and another workspace is attached to the other wall. This is called a corridor style kitchen design. As you get two long workspaces with more spreadable cabinets for storing objects, the parallel kitchen is considered the most opulent kitchen. These kitchens are sleek and adorable and will give you the best cooking experience ever. The best thing about this kitchen is you can divide the two workspaces into dry and wet sections for an amazing cooking experience.

Parallel Kitchen

★ L -shaped Modular Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen works best for a small or media sized space. This kitchen is built in a corner where two adjacent walls meet and make a shape like L. If space allows you can additionally insert an island for cooking or dining purposes. This amplifies the overall look of the kitchen to become more stylish and modern. The L-shaped kitchen gives an easy walking space for multiple cooks and hassles free movement between the cooking area, hub, and refrigerator.

L-Shaped Kitchen

★ U-shaped Modular Kitchen

U-shaped kitchen needs more space and built with the 3 consecutive wall that forms a U shape. This kitchen gives a lot of space to speed up the cooking process and make it more efficient. This is treated as one of the best modular kitchen types as it provides more storage units and countertop space. The U-shaped kitchen is a little expensive, but it enhances the elegance of the kitchen that everyone would love.

U-Shaped Kitchen

★ Peninsula Modular Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen is popular as a G-shaped kitchen as well. In this type of kitchen, one auxiliary countertop with the main workspace is mounted against the wall. It can give you preparation flexibility before cooking, or it can also be a quick snack counter. When you have a smaller kitchen area, you can also call it an alternative to an island kitchen. For storage purposes, this extra countertop provides ample space. This small countertop generally works as a divider for a spacious home between the open dining area or living area.

Peninsula Kitchen

★ Island Modular Kitchen

Island modular kitchen gives you a lavish feeling as well as a marvelous interior to the home. You can mount an island to the u-shape and L-shape kitchen if you have enough space in your kitchen. You may use the island as a counter for cooking, a counter for preparation, or just lay out the dishes.  This kitchen model is a bit expensive but this gives a contemporary look to your kitchen. The island kitchen is the perfect choice for people who love to do kitchen chores together.

Island Kitchen

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